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Fundraising Update

I’m now 4 years into knowing my positive Huntington’s Disease status (#LetsTalkAboutHD). I’m 3 years into fundraising for the HDSA, and I’m proud to say that I’ve raised $23,015 in that time (thanks in large part to my small but fierce social media group- YOU!). I’m two years into participating in clinical trials for Huntington’s research. I’m in the first year of accepting that I’m symptomatic. Things I’ve done this year to help with that:

1. Running on the treadmill. Running: NOT ADDICTIVE. Those people are idiots. Running is a strong word. More like Jogging. Lots of sweating. Completed a 5K. Refuse to talk about how long that took. Zero pounds lost. Probably Chef Tristan’s fault.

2. Balance exercises. These are embarrassing. I’ve always had really loose ligaments, so my ankles do not help the cause. Luckily, there’s no end to the number of physical therapists in my family willing to offer some form of this “advice” (read: torture). Definitely need to be better with this.

3. Yoga. Just kidding. I don’t need the judgment of a roomful of people who have never heard of Huntington’s wondering how anyone could possibly be as bad at yoga at this newbie. I hear I can buy a VHS sweating to the oldies tape to do this at home, though. So far unwilling to buy a yoga mat because I read a hilarious story on Craigslist about a guy trying to sell a once only used yoga mat that I’ve never forgotten. Something about, “If anyone in this room farted, we may all certainly perish.”

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