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HD Heroes Book Release

Updated: Mar 29

So it hasn’t been all bad news. We were asked to reach out to people to endorse our Huntington’s Disease Heroes book, so I reached out to Lisa Genova through Instagram. She is the author of Still Alice (also a film with Julianne Moore) and Inside the O’Briens about a fictional family with HD, which if you haven’t read it, it’s a near perfect depiction. The dad has HD, and they have four kids, who grapple with whether they want to get tested. Besides them being Red Sox fans (eww), it was like she was writing about my family. She’s a neurologist, which is why she knows these diseases so well.

She’s also super nice, and gave this endorsement! She read a few chapters, including mine, and also offered to send me some signed copies of her book to use for fundraising. What a brilliant idea!

And the book will be on Amazon February 28th, which is rare disease day! 50% of proceeds go to the HD Youth Organization!

Huntington's Disease Heroes: Inspiring Stories of Resilience from the HD Community (Lemonade Life Series)

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