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Toast to Hope 2.0 Fundraising

Updated: Jan 12

I think we had about 200 people, and we raised $30,000!!! Oh, what a night! I have zero pics on my phone, but I know I was in SO many. Boordy was the most beautiful venue I could have imagined. My wine glass was always half full (I drank rose most of the night so my teeth wouldn’t be purple). I hugged so many people. I felt so loved. I’m struck once again by how I’m surrounded by the most amazing people. I hope everyone had half as much fun as I did. The only bad thing I can say is that I wish I got to talk to everyone longer. Please know that I love you, and your presence means the world to me. Laura Ford’s lovely speech about her family moved us all deeply. Kim Pryce made us laugh. Tristan Gilbert was our photographer. #HopkinsHDHope

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